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NOLO Drinks for Health-Conscious People

NOLO Drinks for Health-Conscious People

Moderation and wellness trends have continued throughout the pandemic, despite suggestions that people were increasing their drinking during lockdown. This has lead to the rapid rise of NOLO drinks - no- or low-alcohol drinks. 

Do you want to reduce alcohol consumption but not cut it out completely? Whisp is here for you. Founded by a personal trainer, Harriet Cuming, Whisp is made for those who prioritise health. We're up for the hangout, not for the hangover. 

At 66 calories per can and only 4% ABV, Whisp hard seltzer is a great alternative to beer or cider. Whisp is also vegan, gluten-free and has no added sugar - a drink for everyone. 

The Business Drinks have recently featured us in their article 'The Brands and Trends Shaping The Low- and No-Alcohol Category'. Read the article here.




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