Whisp's top tips on how to drink safely

Whisp's top tips on how to drink safely

Whisp is the perfect partner for some fun, but of course it’s also important to keep safe whilst enjoying yourself. Here are the Whisp team’s tips on how to drink safely but still have a good time. 


Tip #1 - Make sure that you drink just as much water as alcohol when drinking. 

Alcohol is a dehydrator so it is important that you drink water to restore your hydration levels throughout the night. 


Tip #2 - Eat a big meal before drinking

Lining your stomach prevents alcohol prevents alcohol from passing to your small intestine and being absorbed too quickly. 


Tip #3 - When on a night out or at a party, make sure you are with people that you feel comfortable around and who will look after you if you need help.

For the safety of you and others, it’s essential that you don’t wander off alone and let people know of your whereabouts at all times, even if you do feel like going on an adventure! 


Tip #4 - It’s crucial that you know your limits!

Everyone is different and has different limits. So, make sure you keep track of how much you are consuming and stick to one type of drink or alcohol for the night. 


Tip #5 - As well as how much, It’s also good to know what you are drinking.

Always make sure that you keep an eye on your drink and don’t take drinks from people you don’t trust. 


We hope these tips will help everyone have a good night whilst being safe! Linked below are a couple apps and gadgets that Whisp recommend for safer drinking. 

One scream

Kite string

Drink safe


*These tips are based on our team's personal experiences and not scientifically evidenced. 

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